How SALT Works

How SALT Works

Why use SALT?

Why Use SALT?


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SALT Software for Windows® and Mac

SALT 2012 for Windows® and Mac comes in several configurations. The Clinical, Instructional, and Student versions are identical, differing only in the licensing. The Research version contains additional utilties for working with large data sets.

Software Upgrades and Mac Add-Ons

Upgrade your current version of SALT to take advantage of the new features built into SALT 2012. To qualify for the upgrade price, you need to provide your old registration id which may be found on the first page of the SALT manual, on the back of the cd case, and on your invoice. If you need help locating your registration id, call us at 1-888-440-7258.

Elicitation Books

The SALT Narrative Story Retell database, the SALT Bilingual (Spanish/English) Story Retell database, and the SALT Bilingual (Spanish/English) Unique Story database, which come with the English, Research, Instructional, and Student versions of the SALT software, include samples elicited from students using these books. Samples elicited using the same protocol may be compared to age or grade-matched peers selected from these database.

SALT-NZ: New Zealand Version

SALT-NZ are versions of the SALT 2012 software supplied by SALT Software LLC and customized for our New Zealand and Australian customers. These versions of SALT differ primarily in the default settings. The dd/mm/yyyy date format is used and the New Zealand reference databases are selected by default. SALT-NZ is a result of a long-term collaboration with Gail Gillon and Marleen Westerveld from the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. The software is despatched on behalf of SALT Software LLC from Dr. Westerveld's research lab at Griffith University, eliminating the high cost of overseas shipping.