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Analysis Questions

  • sample data?

    Hi, is there any sample data available from the conversational DB?

    thanks Ken

    Posted by Ken D on Mar 20, 2015

  • Verbal Facility and Rate

    How is speaking rate calculated in SALT? I'm especially interested in knowing how fillers, repetitions, and unfinished words are incorporated into the calculation.

    I have two cases in mind. One is a child who stutters, and I don't know if his repetitions and revisions were included in his speaking rate. The other case is a child who spoke very quietly, so I repeated a lot of what he said, in order to be able to transcribe it later. About 40% of the utterances in the transcription are examiner utterances, which were produced at a faster rate than the child's utterances. I'm wondering if there's any way to salvage the rate calculation for that child.

    Thank you!

    Posted by Julie I on Feb 1, 2015

  • Own databases for comparison?


    I would like to know if there is any possibility to build up our own reference database (or two) for our analysis. Database 1 would consist in 6 conversation transcripts of Control group 1, and database number 2 in 5 conversation transcripts of Control Group 2. How could we create?

    And, as each conversation is between two children, how could we compare both children at the same time instead 1st Speaker (1st children) or 2nd Speaker (2nd Children).

    thanks in advance,


    Posted by Magdalena Capo on Aug 23, 2015

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