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Analysis Set vs. Total Utterances

I am brand new to using SALT and I don't understand the difference between Analysis Set and Total Utterances. I'd appreciate any information. Thanks! Posted by Rebecca Green on Dec 17, 2014

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  • Salt Support

    Many of the SALT reports provide values for both the Analysis Set and for Total Utterances. The Analysis Set is typically a subset of Total Utterances. By default, the Analysis Set contains those utterances which are complete (not abandoned or interrupted), intelligible (do not contain any unintelligible segments), and verbal (do not consist entirely of non-verbal elements such as nods and shrugs). As an example, consider, mean length of utterance (MLU). To get an accurate MLU, it is important to exclude incomplete, unintelligible, and non-verval utterances from this calculation.

    The Analysis Set can be changed to suit your needs (Setup menu --> Analysis Set). You may want, for example, to also exclude responses to questions from the Analysis Set. Or perhaps you inserted a bracketed code on specific utterances and you want to calculate measures on just those utterances. You would change to Analysis Set to just include utteances containing that code. Or perhaps you want to calculate measures on all utterances EXCEPT those with the code you inserted.
    Posted by SALT Support Staff on Dec 26, 2014

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