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self-interruptions completed after several lines

I am wondering the best way to transcribe the following interaction. The child asked me for a word, which I did not provide, and then remembered it on his own. I'd like to avoid coding the first part as an incomplete utterance, since it was completed later, and it has some useful information for the analysis.


Child: Y el mesero les puso su carro en el... ¿dónde? Examiner: No sé. Child: En el parqueadero.

English (my translation):

Child: And the waiter put their car in the... where? Examiner: I don't know. Child: In the parking lot.

Thank you!

One thought on “self-interruptions completed after several lines”

  • Salt Support

    To give the child credit for completing the utterance, you could transcribe the utterance as:

    C And the waiter put their car in the ((where < >)) in the parking lot.
    E < I don't know >.

    The child's question "where" is coded as a parenthetical remark so it is not included in the MLU calculation. The empty overlap following the child's question indicates that the examiner's "I don't know" occurred at that point.

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