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Transcription Questions

  • Word-position errors

    How do you transcribe word-position errors? e.g. The speaker says "I see the dog big." Posted by SALT Support Staff Aug 17, 2014

  • Tag questions

    I have a few questions about tag questions: For example: P It is a red ball, huh? P You can't open it, can you? P It's your ball, isn't it? P Let's not do that, OK? We had a few things were curious about concerning tag questions. The first is that children in our samples do not often respond to tag questions (often, the intonation from the adult seems to be a statement rather than a question). Our understanding of SALT is that after each utterance is marked with a question mark, SALT will analyze the immediately following response from the child as "Responses to Questions". Therefore, if children in our samples don't usually respond to tag questions but the adult in the sample is constantly using them, we worried if this would affect responses negatively? Would it be advisable to end the tag question with a period if intonation suggests that the phrase with the tag is being used more as a comment rather than a true question? Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 21, 2014

  • Prefixes

    I noticed that SALT 2012 introduced a convention for marking prefixes, e.g., un\happy. Are prefixes marked in the reference database samples? Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 16, 2014

  • Predicate adjectives

    Just wondering if you could clarify for me what a predicate adjective is? The SALT help section on bound morphemes advises not to code predicate adjectives as inflections. I understand the examples I AM TIRED, THEY LOOK BORED, THE DOOR IS CLOSED but I don't quite understand WE WENT SWIMMING. The sentence “mum and dad went fishing” comes up often in our story retelling and we have not marked the /ing inflection according to this rule but would like some clarification. Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 21, 2014

  • Unintelligible utterances

    I am transcribing a narrative but I am not sure how to make note of utterances that were unintelligible. Is there a code I can use for that? Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 21, 2014

  • Editing header information

    I've entered identifying information for a student and have discovered I have spelled his name incorrectly. How do I open up the identifying information window (that you first see when you're opening up a new file) and edit the information that's in there? Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 21, 2014

  • Transcribing letters of the alphabet

    If a child is asked to identify a letter of the alphabet and correctly identifies the letter – for example an “A” – how would you transcribe it?

    If you want to differentiate between the article "A'' and the letter "A", you would consistently type the letter "A" (likely occurs less frequently than the word "A") with some sort of flag or difference so SALT knows not to count it as the word "A". For example:

    E How do you spell baby? C Bb Aa Bb Yy.

    SALT will count the article “A” as a different word than the alphabet letter “A”. You could also use the vertical bar feature to ensure SALT counts the letter differently. For example:

    C B|Bb A|Aa B|Bb Y|Yy.

    SALT interprets what comes before the vertical bar as the produced word and what comes after the vertical bar as the identified word. The identified word is used in all the tables and calculations.

    Posted by SALT Support Staff Nov 10, 2014

  • Converting Word Doc files to SALT transcript files

    How do I import transcription from a Word document into SALT? Posted by SALT Support Staff Nov 26, 2014

  • More than 2 speakers

    I am hoping to use SALT for my current research project, which involves the transcription and coding of focus group interviews. Do you know of a way to use SALT with more than two speakers? Posted by SALT Support Staff on Sep 21, 2014

  • restating the subject - ELL

    How should utterances from ELL speakers who reiterate the subject pronoun be transcribed? Examples:  “The boy he fell out of the window” and “The frog he had the jar on his head”.

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