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Understanding % response to questions

In our analyses, there are different values for child's % response to questions in the Discourse Summary. At the first section of the report, there is a line item labeled “Responses to Questions” followed by the Child’s score in terms of number and percent (19%). The third section of the report is labeled “Responses to Questions” and include the line item “% Responses to Questions” followed by a value (76%). Why is this and what do the two mean? Which value represents the correct percent of responses to questions in the transcript? Posted by SALT Support Staff on Sep 16, 2014

One thought on “Understanding % response to questions”

  • Salt Support

    Yes, I can see why this would be confusing. The 19% measures the percent of child’s utterances that were categorized as responses to questions. The other 81% of the child's utterances were mostly statements and questions that the child asked. The 76%, on the other hand, measures the percent of the questions that the examiner asked that were responded to by the child. In this case, the examiner asked 25 questions. 19 of these 25 questions (or 76%) were followed by a child's utterance which is assumed to be a response to the question.
    Posted by SALT Support Staff on Sep 16, 2014

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