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Story Retell Elicitation Materials




Grouped product items
Product Name Qty Price
Story Retell Elicitation Protocol
Elicitation Book - Frog, Where Are You?
Elicitation Books - Pookins Gets Her Way (2 books)
Elicitation Books - A Porcupine Named Fluffy (2 books)
Elicitation Books - Doctor DeSoto (2 books)
Story Retell Comprehension Questions Protocol
FWAY Comprehension Scoring Sheets (25-sheet pad)
PGHW Comprehension Scoring Sheets (25-sheet pad)
APNF Comprehension Scoring Sheets (25-sheet pad)
DDS Comprehension Scoring Sheets (25-sheet pad)

Why do I need these materials?

The Narrative Story Retell database, which is built into SALT software, includes story retell samples elicited from children in preschool through 6th grade using these materials. Samples elicited using the same protocol may be compared to age or grade-matched peers selected from this database. Comprehension questions, modeled on Bloom's Taxonomy, are included for each of the stories.

What is included?

  • Story Retell Elicitation Protocol - laminated protocol with detailed instructions
  • Elicitation books
    • One copy of Frog, Where Are You? (Mercer Mayer, 1969) for preschool through 1st grade
    • Two copies of Pookins Gets Her Way (Helen Lester, 1987) for 2nd grade
    • Two copies of A Porcupine Named Fluffy (Helen Lester, 1986) for 3rd grade
    • Two copies of Doctor DeSoto (William Steig, 1982) for 4th - 6th grade
  • Story Retell Comprehension Questions Protocol - laminated
  • 25-sheet pads for scoring comprehension
    • FWAY comprehension scoring sheets - for Frog, Where Are You?
    • PGHW comprehension scoring sheets - for Pookins Gets Her Way
    • APNF comprehension scoring sheets - for A Porcupine Named Fluffy
    • DDS comprehension scoring sheets - for Doctor DeSoto

Why are there two copies of most of the story books?

The first book, Frog, Where Are You?, is a wordless picture book used both for providing the model and prompting for the child's narrative retell. The other three books contain words. One copy is used to read the story to the child. The other copy, which comes with all the words neatly covered, is used to prompt for the child's retell.