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computerized language sample analysis

What's New in SALT 18?

Highlights of the New Features built into SALT 18

New Reports

  1. Database menu --> Performance Report  Click here for sample
    Analyze menu --> Performance Report

    Data generated from various reports is used to create a cohesive narrative about the speaker’s expressive language performance. When this report is selected from the Database menu, the speaker’s performance is compared with his/her database peers. The results are displayed as text which can be edited, copied and pasted into diagnostic reports, or saved as an RTF file for direct import into MS Word and other word processors.

  2. Database menu --> Transcript Length, Intelligibility, & Semantics

    Summarizes transcript length. intelligibility, and semantics for the entire transcript and for the equated samples.

  3. Database menu --> Rate and Pause Summary

    Mirrors the Analyze menu --> Rate and Pause Summary.

New Language Measures

  1. "Utterances with Dialogue"

    Calculates the total number of utterances containing quoted text. Added to Analyze menu --> Summary of Utterance Types

  2. "Pause Time as % of Total Time"

    Calculates the total pause time divided by total elapsed time. Added to Standard Measures Report and Rate and Pause Summary in Database and Analyze menus.

  3. "Verbs/Utterance"

    Calculates the total number of verbs and copula forms divided by the total number of utterances. This variable is only available for English samples because it uses Grammatical Categories. Added to Standard Measures Report in Database and Analyze menus.

New PDF Report Utility - Windows® OS only

  1. Database menu --> Create Customized PDF Report
    Analyze menu --> Create Customized PDF Report

    Creates a PDF document consisting of the Performance Report, all supporting reports used to generate the Performance Report, and a print out of the transcript. Note: PDF options are Windows OS only; Mac OS assumes PDFs are created using the Print dialogue box.

New "Find" Utility

  1. Analyze menu --> Standard Utterance Lists; Find button
    Explore menu --> Find

    Locates utterances within the transcript, allowing the user to move to each selected utterance.

Click here for the complete list of new features built into SALT 18

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