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Service Packs for SALT 2012

Mac users: SALT 2012 software for Mac is not compatible with Apple's new operating system - Catalina (OS 10.15). If you are using Catalina, you may consider purchasing our current software, SALT 20.

Known problems with SALT 2012 (fixed in SALT 16, SALT 18, and SALT 20)

  • When transcripts are linked, the Grammatical Category values are incorrect.
  • SALT 2012 for Mac is not compatible with Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later operating systems

Service Pack SALT 2012.4.9 posted on October 28, 2014

Download and run the appropriate executable file (below) to update your copy of SALT 2012. Follow the installation instructions. Installing the service pack will not delete any of your data files.

for Windows® 10/8/7/XP

for Mac OSX v10.6-10.12


Included in Service Pack 2012.4.9

Moved product key activation from installation to first time run.

Earlier 2012 releases for Windows® (also included in release 2012.4.9):

  • Release 2012.4.8, posted October 22, 2014, fixed problem in the Explore menu when selecting criteria with the Standard Utterance Types option when combining criteria using "And".
  • Release 2012.4.7, posted May 29, 2014, fixed problem with mazes causing a transcription-entry error if they occur within parenthetical remarks, e.g., C Then the thing ((I don't know (what) what that is)) bit him. Also fixed problem where words codes were mis-counted when they occurred in a specific pattern. Pattern causing problem: the same word is coded twice, once with multiple instances of the same code, e.g., word[a][a], and again with the same code as the first instance and a different code, e.g., word[a][b].
  • Release 2012.4.6, posted on April 10, 2014, added a Setup option to reset the check for upgrades and service packs and fixed the problem with parsing words which incorrectly include a #. The rest of the fixes in this release only affected the Research version. It fixed a problem with Tools menu --> Generate Code List which double-counted transcripts when the same code occurred in the same transcript as both a word code and an utterance code, fixed "Save as Default" for "Other plus line data" in Tools menu --> Rectangular Data File --> Plus Lines, and allows plus line labels to include codes with embedded colons (e.g., + [CODE:XX]: 1) and still be selected in Tools menu --> Rectangular Data File --> Plus Lines.
  • Release 2012.4.5, posted on February 18, 2014, fixed the intermittent problem with the Mac version which caused the software to unexpectedly crash while working in the editor. Also updated some of the built-in help screens and fixed minor problems with the Help index and the Find command introduced with release 2012.4.3.
  • Release 2012.4.4, posted on December 6, 2013, fixed problem with the Research version - when selecting Word and Morpheme Summary variables within the Rectangular Data File tool.
  • Release 2012.4.3, posted on November 22, 2013, made changes to make SALT compatible with Apple Mavericks OS (v10.9). It also fixed problem with Windows installation when printing the license agreement.
  • Release 2012.4.2, posted on October 28, 2013, added a check for updates. On startup, SALT now checks for service packs and new versions.
  • Release 2012.4.1, posted on October 2, 2013, fixed problem in the SALT editor where non-standard characters, such as Spanish and French diacritics, were not saved correctly. It also added the "&&" specification to the Explore option for specifying combinations of words and codes to match them in the specified order.
  • Release 2012.4.0, posted on September 5, 2013, was the first release available for Mac computers, made the following changes: fixed the problem with codes containing the vertical bar character; added the Edit menu--> Insert Symbol option; added more upper/lower case relationships for non-standard keyboard characters; changed handling of inflected omitted words, e.g., *we/'re, so that the bound morphemes are assumed to be omitted; changed handling of words containing both omitted and non-omitted bound morpheme(s) so that only the bound morpheme(s) marked with an asterisk are assumed to be omitted; changed commands listed in the Edit menu; changed the Setup menu --> Font options to use the same font for printing transcripts and reports; edited documentation pertaining to French conventions; and added "Help menu --> View License Agreement" option.
  • Release 2012.3.3, posted on December 1, 2012, fixed the problem when saving reports containing characters from the extended character set, e.g., 我 and 耶 used in Mandarin.
  • Release 2012.3.2, posted on November 24, 2013, allowed for smart quotes (apostrophes) to be used in samples and word lists. Updated citation displayed in the "About SALT" dialogue box.
  • Release 2012.3.1, posted on October 16, 2012, fixed a problem caused when a transcript cut was specified and the beginning cut occurred prior to the first timing line. Research version only: fixed heading label in Generate Bound Morpheme List report.
  • Release 2012.3.0, posted on October 11, 2012, added the Fonts option to the Setup menu to customize the fonts used for displaying and printing transcripts and reports. Research version only: removed the automatic save prompt when closing reports generated from the Tools menu.
  • Release 2012.2.0, posted on June 24, 2012, added the network setting to "Allow Customization" which specifies whether or not users can customize the lab computers. Also added handling for the Arabic question mark character.
  • Release 2012.1.4, posted on June 1, 2012, fixed the problem with selecting bound morphemes using the Explore option; also updated several help screens and fixed minor display problems.

for New Zealand & AustraliaService Packs for SALT-NZAU (New Zealand/Australia version)

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