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Contributed Databases

Contributed Databases for use with SALT 20

Databases posted here have been contributed. You may download these database files and add them to databases that came with the software, or databases you may have created from your own data. If you use these databases as part of any presentation or publication, please include an appropriate reference.

Download the database file(s) and store them in SALT's external database folder which, by default, is "Documents\My SALT Data\External Reference Databases" (a folder which is created the first time you open SALT 20). Once stored in this folder, the databases can be used for comparison within SALT. They cannot be opened outside of SALT. The following document provides additional details: How to Add a Reference Database to SALT 20

Contributor Database Description Download Database

Lena G. Caesar
Loyola University, Maryland

93 story-retell narratives using the wordless picture book "Frog, Where Are You?" by Mercer Mayer.  Samples were elicited from typical children, ages 3;4 - 10;10, located in Guyana, South America. The children spoke Guyanese English.
Full description    Guyanese Creole Features

Guyana Narratives (700 KB)

compatible with SALT 18 and SALT 20

Please email us if you have SALT databases to contribute. Let us know if you need help creating these databases from your transcripts.