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Elicitation Aids

SALT Reference Databases

Compare your transcript to a database of normative language measures. The individual may be matched on age, grade, gender, sampling context, and transcript length. Matched records are selected from the database and mean, range and standard deviation statistics are given for many of the analysis variables. The descriptions of the databases contain details about the participants and elicitation protocols.

Elicitation Protocols

The elicitation protocols used to collect samples for the SALT reference databases are available on the web page describing the reference databases, included as laminated instructions in the Elicitation Products, and found in the appendices at the end of the SALT Reference Book and the SALT-NZAU Reference Book.

Elicitation Products

These elicitation products include the protocols and story books used to elicit samples for comparison with many of the reference databases built into the software. They also include SALT's Online Story Elicitation programs.

Comprehension Questions

Mary-Beth Rolland and her colleagues from the Madison Metropolitan School District developed comprehension questions, modeled on Bloom's Taxonomy, for the four stories included in the Narrative Story Retell database. The Grades Pre K - 6 Elicitation Materials contain laminated instructions and scoring pads for these comprehension questions.

More recently, Mary-Beth spearheaded a project to develop comprehension questions in English and Spanish for the four frog stories included in the Bilingual S/E Story Retell database, the Bilingual S/E Unique Story database, and the Monolingual Spanish Story Retell database. The Grades K - 3 Elicitation Materials contain laminated instructions and scoring pads for these comprehension questions.

Frog Story Scripts and Audios

English and Spanish scripts and audio recordings for several of Mercer Mayer's wordless frog stories. The Grades K - 3 Elicitation Materials contain these scripts and a USB drive with MP3 audio files of the Spanish and English scripts for each book.

Digital Equipment Suggestions

Digital recorders and play-back systems.

Free Training

There are several self-paced online courses covering elicitation.

There are also YouTube videos covering elicitation.

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