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SALT 24 for Windows® 11/10/8 (64 bit) and Mac OS 11 - 14.x contains a transcription editor, assortment of standard reports, and reference databases of English-fluent, bilingual (Spanish/English), and monolingual Spanish speakers. View case study examples for a quick look at how SALT is used to assess spoken language. The Performance Report makes report writing faster and more accurate. The SALT Reference Book provides the conceptual background of language sample analysis, practical guidelines for using SALT, and extensive appendices for quick reference to all the database protocols, transcription conventions, special coding, and more. A PDF copy of this book is included with the software (accessible from the Help menu). 

SALT 24 software is available with four different licenses. There are no annual fees for any of the licenses.

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The Clinical license is a single-user license and can be activated on one computer at a time. Clinical site licenses are available for school districts.

The Student license may only be purchased by current college and university students. Please use your student email when ordering, and include your instructor name for verification purposes.

The Instructional site license is available for purchase by colleges and universities for classroom and clinical instruction.

The Research license is a single-user license and can be activated on one computer at a time. The research license includes additional tools for working with large data sets.