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How to Deactivate and Move the Software

If you need to move your software to a different computer, you must deactivate your license first. That way, you have the option of installing and activating it again in the future.


To Move Your Software to a Different Computer

1. Locate your product key: When you ordered the software, you should have received an email with your product key. If not, log into your SALT account and then go to My Account > My Product Keys. If you did not place your order through the website, you should have received an installation and resource guide, which contains the product key inside the front cover. Your product key is also listed within the software by going to Help>About SALT.

2. Deactivate the software on your old computer: Deactivate the software so your product key can be reused. To do this, select "Deactivate Software" from the Help menu. Note that site licenses come with unlimited activations and do not need to be deactivated.

3. Uninstall the software from your old computer
Unless you intend to re-activate your software on your old computer in the future, you should uninstall it.

- Windows® software: Click the Start button, select "Control Panel --> Programs --> Programs and Features". Select the SALT program from the list, and then select Uninstall.

- Mac software


    1. Open Finder and select Applications. Find the SALT program file (e.g., SALT 20) and drag it to the Trash.
    2. Open Finder and select Downloads. Search for any SALT program files and drag them to the Trash.
    3. Open Finder and then look at the top of the screen. You should see the Apple icon. Next to it, select Go-->Go to Folder. Enter  "~/Library/" (without the quotes) in the text box and press Go.
    4. Click on the Application Support folder and search for the SALT folder. Drag it to the Trash.
    5. Go back one level in the directory using the back arrow. You will be back in the Library folder. If you are unsure, complete #3 again.
    6. Click on the Preferences folder. Search for any files that begin with com.saltsoftware and drag them to the Trash.
    7. Empty your Trash folder.

4.Download the software on your new computer: Download the appropriate software on what you originally purchased.  

5. Install the software on your new computer

- Windows® software: Run the file you downloaded. To do this, either select the file from your browser or from the download folder. The setup process creates shortcuts on your desktop and in your Start menu.

- Mac software: Open the file you downloaded. Drag the SALT shaker icon to your Applications folder. From inside your Applications folder, click on the icon to begin the installation.

6. Activate the software on your new computer: The first time you run SALT, you will be prompted to activate the software. Select the license (Clinical, Student, Instructional, or Research) and the country (USA/International or New Zealand/Australia). Then enter your name, contact information, and product key. Activation is online. If there are problems activating your software, contact [email protected]. You will be asked to provide your order number and the name of your computer (displayed in the activation dialogue box under the space to enter your product key).