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computerized language sample analysis

SALT Reference Book

This book provides the conceptual background of LSA, practical guidelines for using SALT, and extensive appendices for quick reference to all the database protocols, transcription conventions, special coding, and more. This book is built into the software and accessible from the Help menu.  A printed copy of this book may be purchased separately for $20.

ASSESSING LANGUAGE PRODUCTION USING SALT SOFTWARE: A Clinician's Guide to Language Sample Analysis (3rd Edition)
Edited by Jon F. Miller, Karen Andriacchi, and Ann Nockerts
With contributions from Joyelle DiVall-Rayan, Aquiles Iglesias, Nikola Nelson, Raúl Rojas, and Julie Washington

APA Citation: Miller, J. F., Andriacchi, K., & Nockerts, A. (2019). Assessing Language Production Using SALT Software: A clinician's guide to language sample analysis (3rd Edition). Madison, WI: SALT Software, LLC.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to LSA Using SALT
  • Chapter 2: Eliciting Language Samples
  • Chapter 3: Transcribing Language SamplesP
  • Chapter 4: Analyzing Language Samples
  • Chapter 5: Interpreting Language Samples
  • Chapter 6: Beyond Standard Measures
  • Chapter 7: Assessing the Bilingual (Spanish/English) Population
  • Chapter 8: The Dialect Features of AAE and Their Importance in LSA
  • Chapter 9: Additional Applications of SALT
  • Chapter 10: Pulling It All Together: Examples from our case study files
  • Appendices A - L: SALT Databases
  • Appendices M - N: SALT Transcription Conventions
  • Appendix O: Subordination Index (SI)
  • Appendices P - S: Macro analyses (NSS, ESS, PSS, and ONQ)
  • Appendix T: Guide to the SALT Variables
  • Appendix U: Using SALT to Assess the Common Core
  • Appendix V: Understanding SALT Measures: Standard Deviation

for New Zealand & Australia CUSTOMERS FROM NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA: click here for SALT-NZAU reference book

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  1. SALT Reference Book - 3rd Edition

    SALT Reference Book - 3rd Edition


    This clinical guide book incorporates 25 years of research and clinical practice using language sample analysis, providing both the conceptual background of LSA and practical guidelines for using SALT. It is included as a PDF file with the purchase of SALT 20 software (accessed from the Help menu).

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