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A Few Words From Our Customers

SALT is fast and efficient! I love it!

Andrea O’Neill, Elementary School SLP
Madison, WI

SALT allows me to measure language in a way that I have been unable to do with other measures.

Brett Borne, Speech-Language Diagnostician
Middleton-Cross Plains, WI

I have gained so much information about my students’ language through SALT analysis.

Marcie Morison, School SLP
Waunakee, WI

SALT has been an invaluable aid to my clinical judgment.

Patty Hay-Chapman, School SLP
Madison, WI

[SALT] provides data for writing IEP annual goals and can be used to assess yearly progress.

Gwen Robl, Speech-Language Diagnostician
Waunakee, WI

I am looking at possibly dismissing students and SALT is a great way of making a principal decision.

Tom Malone, School SLP
Brown Deer, WI

SALT measures [a student’s] “natural” language ability. It takes out the contrived context.

Courtney Seidel, School SLP
Middleton-Cross Plains, WI

Having an analysis of language in natural context has provided me with a more realistic measure of how the students actually use words and sentences to express their thoughts.

Marigold Z. Valte, School SLP
Corona Norco, CA

[SALT] has provided incredible insight into the more functional use of language in my assessments.

Kristen Kolde, School SLP
Corona Norco, CA

I am a regular SALT user and am really pleased with the new Performance Report. It helps interpret the child's score profile and makes the assessment results much more user-friendly and easy to understand.

Michael Rosenthal, PhD
Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Manhattan, NY

SALT has helped me with evaluations, progress monitoring, and just knowing what to work on with my students. The SALT staff and the SALT website have been so helpful when I have questions. The ever-expanding data base of different groups of students and prompts help reflect my expanding caseload. I Love SALT.

Lynne, Elementary School SLP
Madison, WI

The SALT program has made my life as a bilingual speech pathologist much easier and my practice as a clinician much more efficient and thorough. I have been using their software program & their services (electronically sending in voice files/transcripts to be transcribed) for the past 5+ years. I can honestly say that without both of these, I would not be as good of a clinician as I am today (and I'm awesome, believe me!). SALT software has endless options and it provides authentic, genuine data that is so very important. Their transcription service is phenomenal. Thoroughly done and quickly returned (seriously, 2-3 day turn around). That which used to take hours upon hours of analysis time is gone. Your balanced work-personal life continues and you have all the info you need to make those oh-so-important decisions. Thank you SALT!!

Gina Nolan, M.S., CCC SLP
Madison, WI

I don't know what I would do without the services that the SALT lab provides to me. I love that I can simply upload a sample to my computer, send it to the lab, and literally have it back within a few days. The lab technicians are responsive to my questions, special requests, and emails and it is a service that saves SLP's precious time and helps us keep our sanity. I give it an A+++!!

Brooke Kinney, M.S., CCC-SLP
Middle School SLP
Waunakee, WI

SALT gives me standardized data from a language sample which is always (always!) a more exact representation of a student's speech and language skills than a standardized test. I get thorough, detailed, and standardized information on various aspects of speech and language (including fluency, word fining, processing time) from the same 5-7 min sample. I can evaluate a Spanish speaking ELL even though I do not know Spanish. And eliciting a language sample reduces stress for the student during the evaluation process - a short naturalistic environment instead of long, stressful, test-taking process.

Katia Ravins
Elementary School SLP
San Bernardino, CA

Salt transcription is an enormous help, especially for those of us in school-based practice who need a second measure for qualifying a student under a language disorder. Salt is also extremely helpful for those of us with large caseloads. The software provides wonderful comparisons to same aged peers and can provide detailed clinical information unavailable in most traditional standardized tests. Specifically you can gather data on topic maintenance and an overall intelligibility rating from an unfamiliar listener. The comparison databases for bilingual speakers are also extremely helpful. My testing toolkit would not be complete without using SALT services. And turn-around for transcription services are very fast. Salt is wonderful!

Athena Hagerty, MS, CCC-SLP
Boca Grande Speech Therapy
Monterey CA

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