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computerized language sample analysis

Service Packs for SALT 20

Service Pack: SALT 20.4.11 posted on June 15, 2021

IMPORTANT: If you are applying this service pack for software earlier than release 20.3.1, you should first deactivate and uninstall your copy of the software.

Download and install the appropriate service pack (below) to update your copy of SALT 20. Installing the service pack will not delete any of your data files.

 for Windows® 10/8 (64 bit)

 SALT 20 for Windows (63 MB)

for Mac OSX v10.13 - 11.0

SALT 20 for Mac (457 MB)


Included in Service Pack 20.4.11

  • Updated SALT logo.
  • Displayed "please wait" message during activation/deactivation.
  • Added +Select: option when selecting the database comparison set (see following bullet point). 
  • Research only: added +Select: option when creating reference databases. This allows for a set of user-defined values which the user has the option of choosing from when selecting the database comparison set. Also added a setting which specifies whether or not to make <all>, if included in the dropdown selection options, the default value. Note that these enhancements resulted in a new database format which is not compatible with SALT 18. There is an option to save the database in the old format, without including the new features. 

Earlier releases (also included in latest release)

  • Release 20.4.10 posted April 8, 2021
    • Added Comprehension Questions report to Database menu when transcript has been coded for them.
    • Updated help file and fixed Contents tab.
    • Windows only: fixed problem with linked transcripts when printing the transcripts together at end of customized pdf report.
  • Release 20.4.9 posted February 27, 2021
    • Database Standard Measures Report and Quick Look report: fixed display to check for all database records missing pause times.
    • Performance Report: fixed capitalization of the speaker's name when using labels such as "the speaker", "the client", "the child".
    • Database Quick Look report: fixed issue with program crashing when transcript has timing information but the database samples do not. Also fixed calculation for "% Mazes" to be based on total utterances rather than analysis set utterances.
  • Release 20.4.8 posted February 1, 2021
    • Fixed problem with grammatical categories when word contains redefined root word, e.g., said|say, or with maze in middle of linked word, e.g., ba_ (na*) _nana.
  • Release 20.4.7 posted January 18,2021
    • Fixed problem selecting database comparison set where equating by length in words was based on total utterances rather than analysis set utterances. This problem was introduced in the previous service pack.
    • Moved the transcript "Andy 9;9 TNL Aliens.slt" from NZAU folder to TNL folder.
    • Changed database comparison to force selection of subgroup and location, if database built without default selection.
    • Updated databases with subgroups to remove default subgroup, e.g., Narrative Story Retell - no default story.
    • Research license: when building databases and adding transcripts, fixed display of warnings vs errors on plus lines.
    • Updated built-in help to reflect changes.
    • Updated Max system requirements in readme.txt file.
  • Release 20.4.5 posted January 9, 2021
    • Mac version: fixed problem which prevented deactivation.
    • Fixed problem with @begin/@end which produced unexplained error message when running analyses.
    • Fixed problem with selecting database records by grade when grade consists of multiple digits, e.g., 10. Rebuilt the Expository and Persuasion databases.
  • Release 20.4.4 posted January 6, 2021
    • Fixed problem with the text in the Errors section of the Performance Reports when the transcript contains an omitted nonstandard bound morpheme, e.g., /*ly.
    • Mac version: compatible with Big Sur (OS v11.0). It is also compatible with both Intel and M1 on OS v10.13 - 11.0. 
  • Release 20.4.3 posted December 16, 2020
    • Merged all versions into one SALT version with specific licensing determined during activation.
    • Added pre-check for Internet connection when activating/deactivating the software.
    • Allowed for database samples not coded for SI, elapsed time, and plus line values.
    • Updated Bilingual Spanish Story Retell database to include additional FGTD and FOHO samples coded for pause times.
    • Updated TNL2 database to include SI coding.
    • Added 29 FWAY samples to Narrative Story Retell database.
    • Fixed upper/lower case relationship for international characters.
    • Fixed problem with empty pause time causing transcript error.
    • Added new Nonmainstream Forms report.
    • New variables
      • Added "% Utts with Nonmainstream Forms" to the Standard Measures Reports and Syntax/Morphology Summaries.
      • Added "% Utts with Fluency Codes" to the Standard Measures Reports and Verbal Facility Summaries.
      • Added "Number of Utts with Fluency Codes" to the Verbal Facility Summaries, Standard Utterance Lists report, and the Standard Utterance Types criteria in the Explore menu.
      • Added "Utterances with Nonmainstream-form Codes" to the Standard Utterance Lists report and the Standard Utterance Types criteria in the Explore menu.
    • Changed "Maze Words as % of Total Words" in the Standard Measures Reports to be based on total utterances rather than analysis set.
    • Changed Database Verbal Facility Summary and Maze Distribution Tables to be based on total utterances rather than analysis set.
    • Removed the [d] and [ed] codes from samples in the Play, Con, Nar SSS, and Expo databases.
    • Moved database descriptions, transcription conventions, and scoring guides to online documentation.
    • Added "Using SALT to Assess Errors" in Help --> Resources.
    • Updated "Using SALT to Assess Fluency" in Help --> Resources.
    • Added "Using SALT to Assess Nonmainstream Forms" in Help --> Resources.
    • Windows only: Removed the SALT PDF printer. Now defaults to "Microsoft Print to PDF".
    • Research license only
      • Added selection for Fluency Codes and Nonmainstream-form Codes to Generate Code List tool.
      • Added default Fluency Codes and Nonmainstream-form Codes when building databases - used for comparison.
      • Build Reference Database: changed default folder to External Database folder.
      • Updated RDF tool (updated file of labels). Added concomitant behaviors back into the Analyze menu --> Fluency Codes and Behaviors report.
    • Updated all documentation.
  • Release 20.3.3 posted August 19, 2020
    • Fixed the issue with offline activation where you needed to enter the code every time you ran the software.
    • Added the computer name to the "About SALT" dialogue box. 
  • Release 20.3.2 posted August 2, 2020
    • Updated the license activation process.
  • Release 20.3.1 posted July 25, 2020
    • Updated the licensing database.
    • Updated the activation process, combining Clinical, Student, and Instructional (USA and NZAU) versions.
    • Allow codes in the middle of linked words, e.g., Mrs[EW:Mr]_and_Mrs_Porcupine.
    • Edited sample transcripts, adding SI and NSS/ESS/PSS where appropriate.
    • Updated Spanish transcription convention for identifying auxiliaries; previously auxiliaries were identified as AUXroot, now identified as just the root.
      • Updated Bilingual Spanish and Monolingual Spanish database samples to remove AUX on auxiliaries.
      • Edited Spanish Nouns and Clinics.rif and Spanish Verbs.rif root identification files to remove AUX on auxiliaries.
      • Edited Lesson2 to remove reference to AUX on auxiliaries.
    • Revised Default Databases dialog box and code to redefine how databases are selected.
    • Fixed Database Standard Measures Report and Verbal Facility reports so that pause data is blank if no matching database transcripts were coded for pauses; also adjusted footnotes.
    • New transcript - save as default now saves the other text for speakers, context, subgroup, language, and bilingual.
    • Research only:
      • Added "Password protected restricted access" when building databases; affects access from the Rectangular Data File tool.
      • Fxed Rectangular Data File --> Verbal Facility where selected pause variables were not corresponding to output.
    • Edited built-in help to reflect changes.
  • Release 20.2.9 posted April 15, 2020
    • Fixed problem when + Language plus line is missing in a transcript; the language defaults to the primary language (e.g., English).
    • Research version only: Tools menu --> Rectangular Data File. Standard Word Lists now includes a Language setting so that the word lists can be generated from any of the specified languages.
  • Release 20.2.8 posted April 3, 2020
    • Fixed database locations on Mac, introduced in service pack 20.2.7.
    • Fixed rounding issue with database reports, e.g., -0.996 rounds to -1.0 on report but not highlighted.
    • Fixed language labels so there are no blank labels when editing.
  • Release 20.2.7 posted March 16, 2020
    • Allowed for multiple Language plus lines indicating multiple languages within same transcript.
    • Fixed problem selecting context and subgroup options in New Transcript dialogue box.
    • Added second default location for external reference databases.
    • Improved setup option for specifying default reference databases.
  • Release 20.2.6 posted March 6, 2020
    • Updated warning #7 to include line numbers of first occurrence of timed and untimed pauses.
    • Improved error detection for pause and timing line formats, e.g., :o4.
    • Edited database samples to correct pause and timing line formats (see previous bullet point).
    • Fixed problem related to multiple bound morphemes which caused the software to shut down.
    • Updated bilingual Analysis sample "Juan 9;6 FWAY Spanish SI and NSS.slt".
    • Added "Lucy NZPN.slt" transcript to Book samples for NZAU versions.
  • Release 20.2.5 posted February 10, 2020 (Windows version) and February 21, 2020 (Mac version)
    • Fixed problem with "Analyze menu --> Syntax/Morphology Summary" which caused the program to hang when an omitted bound morpheme was found but the non-omitted form was not found, e.g., /*S occurred in transcript but /S did not occur.
    • Edited the rectangular data file "Spanish Verbs.rif". 
    • Edited the following sample transcripts: Albany 9;1 APNF SI and NSS.slt, Alex 16;7 Con.slt, Laura 9;0 APNF SI and NSS.slt, Maria 7;3 FWAY English SI and NSS.slt, and Maria 7;3 FWAY Spanish SI and NSS.slt.
  • Release 20.2.4 posted December 12, 2019
    • Initial release (not a service pack).
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