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1306: Transcription - Conventions Part 3

This course covers the final set of SALT transcription conventions. They include:

  • Gestures, nonverbal turns, overlapping speech, and parenthetical remarks.
    These conventions add useful detail to your language sample.
  • Omissions and errors.
    Learn how to mark omitted words and bound morphemes, as well as other word-level and utterance-level errors. It is important to accurately code omissions and errors within a language sample as they can be analyzed to determine the presence of a language disorder.
  • Devising your own unique coding schemes.
    You can mark essentially any language feature you are interested in. By marking errors or specific language features, clinicians can track progress in therapy with repeat language samples (e.g., document that the student made less pronoun errors after four months of therapy working on this goal).

Study the rules and then practice them using the interactive "Try It" and "Self Check".

Level: Introductory
Time to complete: 1 hour

Learner outcomes:

Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Code language samples for omitted words and bound morphemes.
  • Code language samples using error codes.
  • Devise a unique coding scheme to mark a specific language feature.
  • Code language sample transcripts for gestures, nonverbal turns, overlapping speech, and parenthetical remarks.

Materials needed:

  • Any copy of SALT 20 or SALT 18 software. Older versions of the software may be used though you may notice differences in the menu structures and the reports.
  • A digital playback system for playing the audio while you type in the text.
  • Adobe Reader® or other PDF reader which is needed to view document files.

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