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1602: Bilingual SE - Eliciting Samples

One of the most powerful analysis tools built into SALT is the ability to compare an individual language sample to age or grade-matched peers selected from the reference databases. In order for the comparison to be valid, however, the language samples should be elicited following the same protocol as was used to collect the database samples. In this course you will learn about the SALT Bilingual (Spanish/English) and Monolingual Spanish reference databases and how to collect comparable samples.

Level: Introductory
Time to complete: 30 minutes

Learner outcomes: 

Describe the participants whose samples are stored in the Bilingual Spanish/English and Monolingual Spanish reference databases.
Describe the sampling protocol used in the Bilingual Spanish/English and Monolingual Spanish reference databases.
Elicit English and Spanish language samples following the database protocol.

Materials Needed:

Adobe Reader® or other PDF reader which is needed to view document files.

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