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Published at: 2018-04-01

 Welcome to the SALT blog. Here’s the deal: We know that language sample analysis (LSA) is a pain in the rear for most SLPs. But we also know that it is the gold standard for the assessment of language disorders. This space is dedicated to giving all SLPs the practical tools needed reach that gold standard. At SALT our mission has always been to make LSA easier through the application of technology – our software has been under development for 20-odd years, always improving. But in that time we have come to realize that, even as our software has made huge strides in the past decades, it is still quite some distance from making LSA an easy process. The practical impediments remain significant for the SLP in the field. So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about how to make the process of LSA easier. Let’s air out some of those impediments and talk about strategies for overcoming them. Let’s problem solve as a community and see if we can’t reach the gold standard. Have a strategy you’d like to share with the SLP world? Or a topic you’d like us to address in a future blog post? Email us your suggestions at: [email protected] and put “blog suggestion” in the subject line. We’d love to know! Your comments and suggestions are what will keep this blog going.


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