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  • Language Sampling from Afar

    Jul 22 2020

    Hey, So in day # “I don’t even know” of this new normal, this is what I’ve noticed! My son fronts /k/ and /g/ initial positions and it’s driving me crazy, even though he just turned two. #relaxslpmom. Online yoga is not my jam because I end up in child’s pose the whole time and slacking like crazy.  I think my dog is tired of us all being home. Nope, still don’t like running.  ...

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  • Learning SALT, Teaching SALT, Using SALT for Research

    Jan 15 2019

    Guest authors: Lori Vaughn & Janna B. Oetting, Louisiana State University  Janna: Welcome to the Ph.D. program Lori. You need to learn SALT. Lori: My head is about to explode from everything in this Ph.D. program! Janna: You will find that you can’t live without SALT. Lori: They tried to teach me SALT in graduate school. Janna: Now is the perfect time to master SALT. As part of your f...

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