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Age range comparison - chronological age or mental age?

I am analyzing a language sample of a 16-year-old for narrative story retell. When I try to compare his sample, there is no comparison database available within my desired age range. I cannot get the age range for the comparison group past 12;8. Please provide me with guidance for both of my questions. Thank you!

One thought on “Age range comparison - chronological age or mental age?”

  • Salt Support

    The age range for SALT Narrative Story Retell Database is between 4;4 and 12;8. One reason to elicit a sample from a speaker older than the database range is perhaps the mental age is younger than the chronological age. If you wish to use the database you can enter the speaker's mental age into your transcript. For a table of age ranges for each story in the database refer to SALT help menu.

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