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computerized language sample analysis

SALT for Researchers

  • SALT Reference Data for Research Projects

    Can SALT reference data be used for research projects?

  • Import CHAT files

    Is there a way to convert CHAT/CHILDES files into SALT files?

  • Homonyms or forms classes

    I am gathering data on how to determine exactly what a word is (in regards to counting for TTR).  I have come across a couple different methods of counting words, including Templin, 1957, Fletcher, 1985, and yourself, 1981. In addition to these, I have been running tests on SALT to see how words are counted. Overall, every system has a different way of deciding what constitutes as a word and what does not. One of my main concerns deals with homonyms. Fletcher says to count homonyms (i.e. "do" as an auxiliary and "do" as a main verb") as separate types. Your work and Templin's does not follow this rule.  In regards to a computer program, it seems near impossible to us to get a computer to recognize word meaning on any automatic level.  Are you familiar with any such homonym rule, and if so, from which work does it originate, and is it a widely used rule?

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