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computerized language sample analysis

SALT for Instructors

  • Additional samples

    I’m teaching a class on language development and disorders and was wondering if you would have samples of disordered language that I can use in my class? Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 14, 2014

  • Least expensive way for students to purchase SALT

    What is the least expensive way for my students to purchase SALT? Posted by SALT Support Staff Sep 14, 2014

  • Installing SALT in a virtual lab

    We have the Instructional site license for SALT. The licensing document says that this license is a "site license" and "may be installed on any number of computers within the physical boundaries of the campus". I just wanted to verify - we have a VDI (virtual desktop) deployment along with our physical labs. Any student or staff member on campus could login and use this virtual lab machines. Would you license also allow us to install your software into the virtual lab?

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