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Analysis of Imitated Utterances

Analysis of Imitated Utterances

Published at: 2016-03-17

I think there is a clear "imitated utterance" (line 6) which is counted as "Request for clarification" instead of Imitated utterance. I read conditions for "imitated utterances" in SALT help and I think there are common criteria to both. But this would mean that all utterances would be counted as "Requests for Clarification"? Thanks in advance, By the way, I am using SALT version8. 1 M cómo te lo estás pasando (la el) en el campamento? M 'How are you going at Camp?' 2 L er bien {L keeps scratching her underarm}. L 'er Fine!' 3 M y con los compañeros? M 'and with peers'? 4 L con? L 'with?' 5 M con los compañeros? M 'with peers?' 6 L con los compañeros? L 'with peers?' 7 L bien. L ‘fine.’ - 2:48


M L number per cent number per cent



Responses to Questions 2 22.22 3 30.00

Requests for Clarification 2 2

Yes/No Responses 0 0

Other Responses 0 1

Imitations 0 --- 0

--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


(C&I Verbal Utts) 8 8

Responses to Questions 2 25.00 3 37.50

Requests for Clarification 2 2

Yes/No Responses 0 0

Other Responses 0 1

Responses to Intonation Prompts 0 --- 0 ---

Imitations 0 --- 0 ---

Spontaneous Utterances 6 75.00 5 62.50


  1. When SALT analyzes the content of utterances to determine imitations, it only looks at the preceding utterance. If your transcript was M con los compañeros, with peers? L con los compañeros, with peers? it would have been recognized as an imitation. However, then there would only be one question asked, not two. If this occurs frequently and imitations are important to your analysis, you may want to code imitations by hand, using bracketed codes.

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