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Database to use for comparison of an English-fluent bilingual speaker

2 thoughts on “Database to use for comparison of an English-fluent bilingual speaker”

  • Jessica

    I am evaluating an ELL student and I am unsure which database to compare his language sample to. His home language and the first language he learned is Spanish, but testing revealed that his English is much stronger than his Spanish, with CELF scores in English in the mild-moderate range and CELF scores in Spanish in the severe range (Core langauge=44). I could not elicit a Spanish language sample. Should I compare his English language sample to monolingual English speakers or bilingual English-Spanish speakers?

  • Salt Support

    Since he is an EL student, I assume he is in an ESL classroom. If so, I would compare his sample with the bilingual Spanish-English speakers. You could, of course, do both and compare the results. I would expect that would be very informative.

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