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How do elliptical responses affect MLU?

2 thoughts on “How do elliptical responses affect MLU?”

  • Kathryn Kreimeyer
    Kathryn Kreimeyer 09/14/2016 at 1:54 pm

    When looking at the % of child responses to yes/no questions on the analysis utterance type summary, do you have a recommendation as to the % that would indicate responses to yes/no questions should be excluded from the analysis set? I'm wondering if your data indicates that a % that impacts MLU and mean length of utterance.

  • SALT Support
    SALT Support 09/16/2016 at 8:28 am

    A broader question discusses the effect on MLU of any responses to questions. To try to answer this, let me share some stats on the % of C&IV (complete, intelligible, verbal) utterances that were responses to questions by grade taken from the SALT Conversation database:
    Grade - % utts (resp to ques) - % utts (Y/N resp to ques)
    PK - 46% - 21%
    P - 37% - 13%
    1 - 31% - 13%
    2 - 31% - 12%
    3 - 23% - 10%
    5 - 24% - 11%
    7 - 25% - 11%

    If your sample contains significantly more or less responses to questions, you should consider excluding the responses to questions when comparing your sample to samples taken from the SALT Conversation database. When comparing MLU to developmental data taken from the literature, however, you need to know whether responses to questions were included.

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