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How does SALT calculate interrupted speech?

2 thoughts on “How does SALT calculate interrupted speech?”

  • Kathryn Kreimeyer
    Kathryn Kreimeyer 09/14/2016 at 7:50 am

    Can you explain how "interrupted other speaker" is determined. I guessed that the speaker who's overlapping speech was 2nd in a conversation would be the "interrupter" but when I count occurrences of ovelapping speech in the Jaz and Eric samples, I come up with more than 5, the number listed in the DBSMR for each child.

  • Salt Support

    Interrupted Other Speaker is calculated from the total number of utterances which follow an interrupted utterance of another speaker. An interrupted utterance is typically "cut off" by the other speaker. The utterance is marked with a ^ as end of utterance punctuation. And example might be:
    C But I want the b*^

    E Do you want to learn a new game?

    Interruptions are coded differently than overlaps. Overlapping speech occurs when one person starts speaking before the other person ends. Overlapping segments are marked with angle brackets < >. And example might be, E Look at the .
    C a funny hat.
    The calculation for utterances with overlapping speech is the number and percent of the total utterances which contain at least one segment of overlapped speech in any part of the utterance.

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