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Linking verbs

Do you link verbs to their following preposition? A huge one that always came up was, "ir a". Should it be transcribed as "ir_a"? What about other verbs that typically are followed by a preposition?

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  • Salt Support
    Salt Support 09/28/2015 at 11:50 am

    That is up to you. The only non-morphological verb conjugation that we have linked is the periphrastic future (e.g., va_a_correr|correr). We did this strictly to track Spanish dialectal variation, since this "verb tense" may be gradually replacing the morphological future tense in some Spanish dialects.

    • Hi!
      We are currently developing a project with Spanish transcriptions of conversations in SALT and we decided to join all aspectual and modal features (and passives) to verbs as above, instead to code the auxiliar verbs separatelly, but marking that verb has an "aux. verb" when we code the morphological information of the verb.

      Hope it helps!

      Magdalena Capo

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