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SALT Reference Data for Research Projects

SALT Reference Data for Research Projects

Published at: 2020-06-07

Can SALT reference data be used for research projects?


  1. Yes! One of SALT’s aims is to keep the research conversation moving forward, particularly when it comes to LSA. Our databases may be used by researchers as preliminary data to test out research questions, or as control-group data. Using the Research version of SALT, select Tools menu --> Rectangular Data File. There you can browse for a specific reference database. When you do this, you’ve selected to obtain data from all the samples in that database. To identify specific data sets, select Plus Lines and choose selection variables such as age, grade, gender, subgroup, etc. (if they are available). Then select the data variables you are interested in (e.g., MLU, NDW) and save the results as a CSV file with one row per transcript and one column per variable.

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