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Syntactic structures analysis

Syntactic structures analysis

Published at: 2015-10-05

Does SALT provide information regarding the syntactic structures present and absent in the transcript and age appropriate norms for those structures? For example, the child uses the verb phrase modulation of uncontractable copula but does not use the modal, which children at age * are using? Posted by SALT Support Staff on Sep 16, 2014


  1. SALT does not automatically provide the detailed syntactic structure analysis you asked about. You could use the coding features of SALT to code the structures to document the child's level of syntactic use. The databases we have available do not provide access to the transcripts themselves so coding them for comparison data would not be possible. You could try to identify sets of transcripts from the CHILDES project, then run their syntax analysis procedures to see if they would yield the data you are interested in. Also try Steven Long's Computerized Profiling program. It does LARSP and other measures semi-automatically. No database comparison as yet.

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